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Mermaids Exist? – Mermaid Caught Swimming

An underwater diver films what appears to be a mermaid. Is this a real mermaid swimming gracefully in the ocean or a hoax?

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191 Responses to “Mermaids Exist? – Mermaid Caught Swimming”

  1. Cryptid Says:

    i would like to know where this ws filmed and by whom. who is the diver?

  2. Tony Says:

    That clip is actually taken from the movie “Splash” with Tom Hanks.

  3. Sarah Says:

    That is not from Splash. You can see the clip from Splash on YouTube and they are nothing alike..this water is even darker. Don’t know that I think it’s real, but it sure looks pretty cool.

  4. Toby Page Says:

    no it iosnt splash ive seen since a young boy lol

  5. Dollymay Says:

    I think it is vary vary intresting! It could be just some wierd animal they discover new species every day!

  6. kay Says:

    I dont know if it is real it sure looks real to me but it could be fake, Frankly i believe mermaids do exist and they are wild creatures almost implossible to capture on tape. there’s just not any concrete proof that they exist.

  7. briana Says:

    omgg well mabye idk i hope they r real!

  8. emmilee Says:

    i do believe that mermaids exist. that looks like real footage to me.

  9. takuyaki Says:

    i do believe in mermaids especially here in the Philippines, though no hard evidences are gathered by scientists. monster creatures here are real, my mom and dad and some other village people here did see them. if those creatures are real, what more are mermaids? yeah they are really impossinle to capture on tape but i believe they are real.

  10. Lilythorns Says:

    While I fully believe in the existence of mere-folk, I am skeptical about this footage. If you go on youtube, you can find dozens of people who sew their own mermaid tails and swim gracefully in the ocean, and even include tutorials on how to make them. (I previously made an Orca styled tail a few months ago) The person who was recording this footage seemed to already know the creature was there, and was simply “waiting” to shoot the clip.
    The ocean is a vast world, hence why I don’t doubt the existence of REAL mere-folk, great clip though.

  11. MonarKc Says:

    Totally fake, come on people next thing the tooth fairy will show up on youtube LOL

  12. daniel Says:

    i’ve seen splash and thats defintly not it the water is much much bluer but i dont think that was a mermaid it was probiley just a girl that does a good mermaid swimm but i beliven mermaids =)

  13. Imran Ahmad Says:

    Well for anyone who does believe in mermaids that video is pretty convincing however lots of people including scientist have denied the fact that there is such a thing as mermaids. 1 point i would like to raise. Previously I read an article about people who claimed to have seen mermaids and these are regular people. However if that is true which I won’t question if it was, because that was in the 1800′s, then why didn’t the mermaid react to them as she did in this footage. People who have written articles claim that when a mermaid senses that there is human activity nearby water and that goes for all fish, they swim to a spot where they can not be found. I also agree with that 1 statement that to me it seemed as if the person planned the mermaid to come there because an ocean or river is very vast and in such a vast area how is it that this man sensed that the mermaid was heading that way? Before time people use to question if there is a such thing as spirits but they later on proved that there can be a spirit walking around to greet a person or if their soul is restless and many people believe in that today, however a mermaid? If this footage is true why is it only on youtube why didn’t it hit ABC?

  14. Steven Says:

    Mythological or supernatural or ocean existing species we have yet to catch, one thing is for sure, mermaids live in our imagination. I hope they do exist and I hope they are mean as shit.

  15. Alley Says:

    Yeah, It kinda looks real,
    But why wouldn’t anyone talk about it,
    Or why wasn’t it on the news?
    I’d like to know who the diver was.
    But i hope they’re real!!!

  16. Sophie Says:

    Yer i agree with alley whoeva u r
    why wasnt it on da news?

  17. andy Says:

    4 me, im not 2tally engaged w/ dat myths 4 myclf i do blve of mermaids well i dont know 8 s true whole my entire lyf i want 2 c mermaids and i want 2 about something by 8 coz im very curious….dats kind of interesting research i dreamed about how 2 c dos sme knd of creatures

  18. Sharmaine Says:

    i do believe mermaids are real… they are really cool..
    even though we can’t see them.. i can feel that they are real…
    i want to be a mermaid someday…^_^

  19. Gaz Says:

    Why can’t Andy speak English?

    And come on! This footage is obviously fake! Why was it never on the news? Why didn’t the ‘mermaid’ react? Why was the cameraman waiting for it? Why didn’t HE react!?

    I’m not saying Mermaids don’t exist – but that wasn’t one.

  20. mehtap Says:

    well i think mermaids do exist i mean the ocean is flipin huge you could expect anything!!!!BUT I DIDNT SAY THE VIDEO IS REAL!!!!

  21. JP Says:

    If I saw one I would be freaked out but that’s the only way anyone would ever know if they really exist or not.

  22. lester Says:


  23. lester Says:

    i think it is total f#*king bullshit!

  24. chloe Says:



  25. lana Says:


  26. lana Says:


  27. chelsea Says:

    the video is fake becuase i notice when the mermaid was swimming i would see her knees on the costume….. but i do believe in mermaids….. i know they exist….. n i know one day everybody is going to believe in them……. btw where is the mermaid spell i wnna try it

  28. kayla Says:

    omfg!! that looked so kool do u think that it was real??

  29. abdi Says:

    well im from somalia east africa my mum used to live jsut off the i asked her about mermaids and she said that she said 1 back when she was young which is like 1964 i believe her thats what brang me to this site so yes they do exist but again since its 2008 u neva know they could be extinct and especially with natural disasters like tsunamies or typhoons and etc. but yea ur questions have been answered THEY DO EXIST! believe it or not! and no it has nothing to do with this video i doubt this video is real!

  30. Jessika Says:

    If mermaids do exist, they probably look nothing like we beleive them to. Without gills, one cannot breath underwater. people see merfolk as having the bottom half as a tail. with the top half human, they couldnt survive the preasure of the ocean or the tempuratures. it just wouldnt be possable for them to look like this. great video :) but hard to believe.

  31. Ledio Says:

    I really do belive on mermaids … but that is clear that’s a human weared on mermaid suit! Watch it on slow motion … look at her fish part while swimming … it’s human!

  32. Grace Says:

    Hey this is so cool! Well, my best friend and I think I’m a mermaid! so that video proves that me and other mermiads do exist!

  33. Graywolf Says:

    I’ve studied this video, and, you can tell she is human… but mermaids, are, in fact, DEFINETLY real :)

  34. Lana Says:

    i strongly believe in mermaids.
    and so what if we don’t have any ‘solid proof’ of their excistance? if you take a moment to realise that last year was the first time they EVER filmed a ghost-faced bat, yes an ugly bat of whitch many people believed not to excist, then think about all those other ‘mythical’ creatures they havn’t filmed or found yet, it’s all just a matter of time.

  35. gracie Says:

    i think mermaids are real because i have seen one swimming in Spain while i was swimming i saw a tail and i went under the water and the tail wasn’t there and i swam back to the top and there it was the mermaids face it pulled me under i thought it was a normal girl but it wasn’t i saw the full thing close up i though i was dreaming but i wasn’t. The mermaid had a starfish with her luckily she went

  36. angela. Says:

    I believe that since the ocean is so vast, mermaids could exist.
    If you watch closely in this vid, you’ll notice the fish not reacting to her at all. I find that particularly odd; she is swimming at a fast rate. Also, a human could not swim at that fast either.

  37. Mary Says:

    Yes, I do believe in mermaids but that was definitely a girl dressed up in a mermaid suit. You can see her legs through it. She knows how to swim like a mermaid though!!!

  38. Mary Says:

    I would say mermaids are real….But, they look fish-like…with scales and more fins than what many artists would want us to believe. I think they even have fins at he back of their hands, on their waists, their necks, I don’t believe they could exist in the ocean with human skin. It was not made for never-ending water…It was made for a mostly dry climate….Also, if their skin were just like ours, maybe they are supernatural beings…If not, they have to have smoothe skin like whales, dolpins or sharks. I also think their skin is made of precious stones (the tail part) and their hair look like ours but have a different texture. I really don’t think they can talk. I think they are very wild and live in the deep ocean floor where no one has gone before.

    I think they are beautiful but their nose may be only two dots, two big eyes that are pretty and a mouth that looks like an ordinary fish. I think also that they have webbed hands.

    Who knows? maybe one day someone might actually catch a glimpse of one.

  39. julio Says:

    it looks very real but i dont belive it much i would like to see a real but real mermaid in the outside of the sea and i hope that video is fake because it mihgt be a danger to diver and other people becaus people say that mermaids ate people and human flesh it is a myth

  40. Selena Rodriguez Says:

    I believe that this is a mermaid. I am very eager to see one in real time coz I am very passionate about MERMAIDS.

  41. roxanne myers Says:

    i do believe in mermaids..but that scene was taken from the movie splash…its all been edited and thats for i watched splashed 10ths of time and i know that footage…
    in jamaica by the flat bridge river older residents have recall seeing the deepest and stillest part of the rio cobre river..we used to go to the river at night to watched but nevr recall seeing anything strange..but there was alwas sound of sudden splash loud ones ect….but i do think these creatures are out there or was out there…and there should be marines workers ect to investigate because the tale must of come from somewhere real…the earth is covered by 73% of water, i wouldnt be surprised that they exit..i would love for them to be tho..just to to this mysterious tale behind us…..but one day if they do exit for real the truth will come….there was this programm where the diver went 883ft and they some weid looking fishes and creatures…so imagine wats lies at the deepest depth of the ocean..MERMAIDS lool

  42. Chris Says:

    I think that mermaids can exist, I’ve never seen splash, but if this was real the diver would’ve been more awe struck and tried to follow the mermaid rather than sit there and let it swim bye. But even if they dont exist now, the will exist eventually. Someone is gonna want to genetically mutate themselves into one one day. But how to mermaids reproduce?

  43. SEAN Says:


  44. Amber Says:

    This is obviously a fake. People can buy realistic looking mermaid fins now and that is how they put together these scams. The video even looks like it is staged. I do believe in mermaids and I believe that they live in the deepest parts of the ocean where humans cannot find them.

  45. mermaidsAreReal Says:

    thats my freakin sister so dont even make fun she lives
    in our pond!!and come on ppln DONT think they dont exist they do and i luv my sister!!

  46. mermaidsAreReal Says:

    that is my freakin sister!! DONT even make fun of her!!!!!!
    she lives in our pond

    PS… mermaidsarereal!!!!!!

  47. meenakshi Says:

    m nt really sure abt this video………may beu its true may be its fake but if this video is fake than who ever has submitted this video should not do this because this is wrong…. and this video is true than this is the greatest discovery ever made……

  48. Cassie Says:

    omg that looks reall if u look at the way the bottom tail is noone could pull a stunt ( swim like that) but i dont no because like somebody on here said you cant catch a mermaid on tape so why would a mermaid swim that close to u? it would be impossible too just catch a mermaid like that ! soo im nt really sure xx

  49. Cassie Says:

    OMG istudies the video nd have u noticed that the thing leading too the tail is so thin? noone can be that fin and plus if u was a human down there the fish would react diffrently but it could be aload ov bullshit ! i do believe in mermaids but u cant say weather they do exist or dont exist but i think the truth will come out one day :) x

  50. J Says:

    My option wasn’t on the poll. Mermaids do exist, however this video was a hoax.

  51. Rae Rae Says:

    I truly believe that mermaids exist, in all our vast ocean, there are no two creatures alike, and who knows whats down there until they decide to make themselves known we”ll just have wait and see! and soon……

  52. NoName Says:

    Well ,what i think is that mermaids exist. I havent seen one but i truly belive that they are real..more researches and i will belive ..i wish i can see a real one

  53. jonas Says:

    mermaids do not exist can’t you people understand?

  54. jonas Says:

    also no such thing as the lochnes monster or anything

  55. jenna Says:

    I strongly belive in mermaids but i dont know i mean it looks really real and it looks like an actual mermaid and ive never seen splash beforebut if its not fake oh well i mean the mermaid probably didnt see the diverbut WHO KNOWS?

  56. james Says:

    i think this is real becaues theres no way a pearson could go that fast under water wering that

  57. Lisa Says:

    Could actually be very real! I found this a while ago on Youtube, could they be mermaids? At least that’s what is sounds…

  58. isaac Says:

    hey there how can i view the video i have tried so hard but i not seen the footage. please send me the footage to

  59. me Says:

    i think its all a joke

  60. myOwnMind Says:

    how can mermaids exist if its all a hoax

  61. john o. a. Says:

    feel there is a great difference between the spiritually enlightened and the scientist, since the latter base there fact on things seen.
    but if some believe in the existence of witchcraft, then there are creatures in the abyss known to those who believe in it as MERMAIDS!!!

  62. solii Says:

    loool come on thats so fake!! it looks real planned

  63. yaya Says:

    im a merimaid u r not im so buitiful

  64. nicole Says:

    i think it cool!!!!!!!!!!

  65. mermaidbealiver Says:

    ok as u see this could be real cause the video tape person is down in the water lookin up the mermaid wouldnt have seen him if so she would of been scared and ran off or swam off lol

  66. ENCOUNTER Says:

    hey fellas i have encountered dis so called mermaid dey don’t just cross by coz dey can everything n feel everylivin thing around u can ONLY SEE EM WEN U ARE ATTACHED BY IT….its close to being as smart as humans i think coz of dat skull type thing vich has brains….dis vid is fake…..but dey do exist……I ENCOUNTERED DIS IN FIJI….I CALL DA PLACE GREEN WATER…..

  67. ENCOUNTER Says:

    ATTACKED SORRY … i was too scared while writting bout it … i forgot da spellin……

  68. lauren harrison Says:

    they might be real but the aint

  69. lauren harrison Says:


  70. Viresh Says:

    this is a bunch of crock!

    if you pay close attention to the 26th second, you will notice a burst of bubbles. why would a mermaid let go of bubbles! are they supposed to be able to “Breath” underwater and for all practical purposes there isnt any AIR under the sea!


  71. RushiiChan Says:

    Well, I agree with some things that Imran Ahmad pointed.
    You can tell the footage is real because if it was just a disguise, the tail would be too thin and short for two legs to fit in, besides, a human needs to use both legs to swim well,and if this was just a person in a costume he would have difficulties to swim that fast and well.

    Besides, you cannot tell it’s true cause there are some facts that other people have pointed here already: The diver who filmed this didn’t seemed to freak out, but think carefully, how would you react at such situation? You couldn’t scream, as you’d know you’re in the ocean, so the only thing you might do is to keep still and film the mermaid, as this guy did.
    Also, what was a guy doing don’t-know-how-many meters down the ocean with a camera? Just recording the middle of nowhere while a shark could drop by and attack you? The person who recorded this already seemed to know that a “mermaid” was about to pass by, like if he was just waiting for it and geting prepared to record it. But you never know, maybe he was there because of business reasons and got the chance to see a real mermaid and (lucky you!) record a real proof.
    But then again, why didn’t this was on news or something?
    Got to know this is really tricky…
    Anyway, wanna let you know I do believe in mermaids, there are so many tales about them that I have come to think they do exist. How can you explain all of those sailors that suddenly died in the middle of their trips? This world’s full of mysteries, you never know (the world’s a mystery itself)

  72. kendra :DD Says:

    guys this actually might be real,the ocean is full of wonders that havent been solved yet.i mean for those of you who have to see it to believe it,look at it this way. you dont see air but u know its real and its there. you dont see alot of things but they are not saying i tottaly believe its real but it might be who knows?? mermaids sung to sailors to attract them.and alot of sailors did die for no explainable reason. think about it guys.

  73. kendra :DD Says:

    some of the things rushiichan said are true but the footage seems real. and some divers film nature underwater for the heck of it so they can whatch it later and observe things in the video. this man probaly filmed the mermaid but he didnt want to scare it so he sat as still as possible. although some say mermaids went extinct at the end of the ice age because of temperature changes.since mermaids were mamals like humans and had body temperatures they couldnt stand the coldness of the ice age so they went extinct.they could be buried deep under the ground for all we know i mean archiologists havent dug EVERYWHERE in the world yet.and i wouldnt be surprised if in the future people will prove the existance of mermaids.they probaly arent all extinct yet. who knows.

  74. kendra :DD Says:

    mabye the diver didnt want to give this to anyone to put on the news havent u thought about that???? mabye he wanted to keep it more secret and only posted it on here so people wouldnt make a big deal out of it or so that the non believers wouldnt laugh at him.

  75. KEnDyyy Says:

    omg i looks so real

  76. KEnDyyy Says:


  77. rubiichan Says:

    i say,the video was partly true and partly unbelievable. i mean i don’t really know if mermaids exist but for some reasons i choose to let go of my imagination and just think that maybe they really do exist. you see,guysz. there are many parts of the ocean that has not been discovered yet. and its too deep to discover. but one thing is true. mermaids can truly exist. i watched the video 3 times and i’m convinced that it’s truly a mermaid. but the quetion is. mermaids are known to be so “mailap” how come she doesn’t notice there is someone spying on her?.. (i’m confused guysz.)

  78. AN@ v@RGas Says:

    welll…im n0t dat sur3 if y dexcist…..BUTttttt idK mayb dey do……but i defenetly aggre dat it woud of ben 0n da news soooo dat is TOTALLY a FAKE video…yup just a human dat swims lyk a mermaid. althoug i do think dat dey xciztcuz i saw s0m3 picz on youtube dat lo0k real…..but id really k…

  79. Adonia Says:

    I think dat dis is really amazing! It looks very real and I do believe in mermaids and I noe dat dey do exist. The sea is a vast place and anything is possible. There r many secrets dat de ocean holds and we might neva find out those secrets.

    I really want 2 beliee in dis video and I think dat it is real but there r so many ppl dat make fake videos and do other tings dat it is very hard to tell wheather it is real or not.

    There r many old bks dat sy dat these things exist and de Old People knew more than these Scientists who try 2 say dat everything is made from atoms and other crap and try to deny de fact dat these creatures exist!

    Dat drives me crazy! Most Adults think dat dey noe everything and they don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyz gr8 video and cuddos to all thos who believe in all magical creatures!

  80. kkk Says:

    uhmm..actually i really do believe that mermaids or aliens exist.
    Nothing is impossible for God.

    But this video is fake.
    It’s pretty obvious because of the size of its tail,
    its tail is so much thin for her.And one thing is if you will pause it and observe it, its tail is shaped as our legs.

  81. 4zia Says:

    I think mermaids do exist.
    That video is fake though!

  82. Will Says:

    Ok so obviously this is a realy mermaid u can see the face is not really human likes it looks kinda like a fish and the tail part is to thin for 2 legs to fit if u wanna disagree more my e-mail is up^^^^^

  83. Will Says:

    E-mail –

  84. Keezy Says:

    I don’t believe Mermaid Exist, noting can make me believe except a person who saw the mermaid and i want him or her to explain in person.

  85. amber Says:

    i totally belive in mermaids ever sinse i was samll.theres this other reson i do belive in them iz cuz iv seen one or thought i did,but it was hard to tell cuz i only saw a shaped like tail of a mermeid while i was swiming.

  86. Angel Says:

    Ok so we have all seen this video probly many times, and I can understand this video looks fake. I can also understand that maybe this is a clip from a movie and I can also understand that many people believe that this is a girl in a mermaid costum. But this could be real footage and i’ll tell you why…Go to and I want yall to type in was this a mermaid…that is the key statement was this a mermaid type that in the box when you go to youtube. Its going to say was this a mermaid? / es esto una sirena? Now when you see that video study it atleast 8 times. Now like I said I do understand some people are not believing this footage and i’ll admit I was a little scepticle but come on people this was an actual mermaid because she was swimming too fast and too streight and there is no fu#%ing way a human is going to swim that fast underwater with a mermaid costum. and you can see that it was not a costum because the end of the tail was flapping up and down and that was not the water moving it that was through motion. Plus if you pause the video two seconds you can see the human arms. Also in the second video when the diver saw the mermaid you could tell he was stunned because after the mermaid left he was looking around probly for another mermaid. In the first video we saw there was a really good reason why he didnt react. Think about it we don’t know what mermaids are capeable of, this was not a character from a disney fairytail like arial from The little mermaid. Maybe he didnt react because the mermaid might have charged at him and attack him and thats why he just stood there probly terrified. Look at it this way if you were in contact with a mermaid and didnt know what it was thinking would you try and touch it…thought so. So that is the unbridle truth mermaids exist and to prove this could be real go to youtube and type mermaid found after hurricane ike. Now I dont know if that video was a fake but it was after hurricane ike and yeah it does look fake but so real. Still don’t know about that video you be the judge…and just for the hell of it email me at and we can blog about this. But anyways thats the truth mermaids exist.

  87. Meghan Says:

    i beleive in mermaids. if you beleive fine, if you dont, then stop critizing the people who beleive.

  88. Angel Says:

    Ok so after viewing this video I just have to say I can understand some people are a little skeptical, I can also understand that this video looks like it came from a movie or something. Maybe some people are saying that this footage is from someone’s pool or an aquarium. I mean I can understand that this footage looks and sounds fake but I just have to say that this footage could be real. This could be a real mermaid and I’ll ell you why. First off if you go to YouTube type in was this a mermaid. The video is going to say was this a mermaid/ es esto una sirena? Now look at that video study it at least 8 times. Now If anyone clicked on the mermaid explanation after the first video the diver talks about the was this a mermaid video witch was actually the first video he captured. The footage where the whole mermaid shows was the second video. Also in the first video you can see the mermaid swimming too fast and too straight . Now I am just saying there is no fu#%ing way that a human with authentic looking fins that maybe weighs 4 pounds is going to swim that fast. I should know even my brother can’t swim in that speed and he’s a natural athlete. Point is that this was a mermaid and you can tell this was a mermaid because if you pause it in 2 seconds on the first footage you can see the hands and arms. Also the end of the fins in the first video is flapping up and down. Look at the end of the fins in the first video and you will see the end of the fins flapping up and down and that’s not the water moving it that’s through motion. Plus after the diver saw the mermaid in the first video you could tell he was freaking out. I mean you can’t see him freaking out but you can tell because of the way he was moving the camera, and as far as the second video goes sure you can say oh well he knew that the mermaid was coming well yeah that may be true but there is a reason why he didn’t react. I mean this isn’t some Disney fairytale like Arial from the little mermaid. Think about it the reason he didn’t react is because the mermaid would have charged at him and attacked him. If you were in contact with a mermaid as little as 3 feet and didn’t know what it was capable of would you see if it was fake and touch it….Yeah didn’t think so, So that’s my opinion and you can you make the call but im telling you this is without a doubt 100% real.

  89. Angel Says:

    Sorry one more thing I left out about the mermaid. Again go to YouTube and type mermaid found after hurricane ike….About that tape you make the call if its real or not because I don’t know. It might be real but if all you naesayers and dis belivers want to give me your personal opinion email me at and we’ll see what happenes.

  90. marginalmedia Says:

    This is the author of that video. The footage is as real as it gets. For a thourough explanation of the video you can watch another one titled “mermaids explained”

  91. ashley Says:

    what is that spell that turns you into a mermaid

  92. OLIVIA RAMOS Says:


  93. miley Says:

    hey I know that mermaid or mermaids exist.I only know I has a feeling that they exist.I should find out I do littel thing to find out:D. and you do not know :P .and remember THEY EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. OLIVIA RAMOS Says:


  95. OLIVIA RAMOS Says:


  96. bella Says:

    I do believe in mermaids but this video is a complete fake. It looked like her knees are bending, and plus I was thinking about it and mermaids are probly not what we think they are. How would mermaids look like humans? And how do you poop and have babies and stuff?

  97. Josh Says:

    hahahahaha…what a eata$$..mermaids did exist like ages ago and they are delicous too! lol..

  98. bryan Says:

    yes. I believe mermaids do exists. They are also creatures made by God…..

  99. mallory Says:

    mermaids are totally real!people who dont belive in mermaids are living in a diffrent world.
    this video explains so much! scientists have found dead bodies of mermaids.

  100. em Says:

    that video is no proof tht mermaids exist anyway if the diver was there he would have know and its obviously a movie it makes no sense

  101. ikaakaiakaiakjahaknakajaajamnjga Says:


  102. Tyler Says:

    I think its just a fish that kinda looks human…

  103. andrea Says:

    dat is not real mermiads dnt exsits bullshit

  104. reo Says:

    i did not believe in mermaid, but i know its to much expensive to create such footage just to have some fun?….about ABC news, well do you think all the everyday news are true? No…some are classified by the goverment but we have internet to revealed…i think it was true

  105. Jane Says:

    I do belive in mermaids and does any1 have a spell i can use too become 1????

  106. reo Says:

    hello jane,being a human is the most precious things has God created,why u want to become such sticky thing with gills

  107. reo Says:

    oh yes!great i have one last drop of spell here,if you like here’s my e-mail

  108. momeen Says:

    all is false

  109. Ba Says:

    I’d like to point out to ANGEL that the video after the hurricane ike is fake. The mermaid shown in that video is just an artwork of JUAN CABRERA I think that’s his name. Look him up and check out his gallery. You’ll see that exact same mermaid. ;)

  110. Ba Says:

    Sorry i meant JUAN CABANA.
    The mermaid’s called NERINA.

  111. reo Says:

    no!,,its NERVANA

  112. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    OMG! so mermaids are real!!!!!!! yes we finally have proof there r-e-a-l whoo hooo

  113. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    ohh p.s her name is nervana

  114. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    ohh here is a song of are greatness that mermaids are real please lisnen to it okay .mermaids are real whoo hoo yea there real we have proff cause of this we thank you now mermaids are realahhha ahhha we love you mermaid and probley the only one that exits but who cares you are cute yay us we proof now g-o m-e-r-m-a-i-d-s

  115. uala,camoren Says:

    please stop the cherrfulness so waht mermaids are real just say k they exist instead of singing

  116. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy. gooooooooooooosssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  117. uala,camoren Says:

    sory it was getting anyoing

  118. alicia keys Says:

    look it doe’nt matter if your happy mermaids exist or you do’nt belive them at all. look ivoted for maybe so what’s the big deal ohh and who wants tickets for my concert

  119. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    hm maybe your right we do’nt need a fight

  120. uala,camoren Says:


  121. uala,camoren Says:

    we you girls like to go on a date said camoren

  122. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    yea said allison no said meggi yea said haley no said trinity yea said toni

  123. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    ohh and kyndl no said kyndl

  124. trinity,allison,meggi,toni,haley,denise,kyndl Says:

    ohh denise said no

  125. justcamoren Says:

    o.k allison , haley,kyndl,toni

  126. justcamoren Says:

    i am takeing you guys to………… new york

  127. jenny Says:

    this is a fake omg .. crazy !!! its look co0l but is fake !!!

  128. Hector chaves Says:

    Ok so I saw this video and it brought me to this incident that happen to me and my friends at Galveston island. What I am about to tell you is 100% true and that is that a year after hurricane Katrina me and a couple of my friends went to Galveston island to fish. Then several feet away I saw a big tale pop out of the water and go back in. At that time I didnt think anything of it so I just continued listening to my ipod and fishing. Then three hours later it got really boring I caught some fish and got tired and I fell asleep for like 2 minutes. Then my friend Carlos wakes me up and said he thinks he sees a women in the water. My other friend Pancho said she is swimming really fast and before I can see what was going on our boat tips over. Underwater I saw that same tail and smack me in the face. I still have the mark on top of my right eye. Anyways I got smacked went back up and my friend Carlos was missing for six minutes. As soon as we saw him again he was tramatized at what had got him and before you know it we saw a women looking at us and when she left the same tail poped up then went back down. I do wish I had brought my digital camra to film it but oh well. Carlos till this day gos to theripy and gets counciling oh what had happen but the truth is mermaids exist and I do not no weather they are nice or not but I do know this. They are dangerous as hell.

  129. MasT3r cHeEF Says:

    lolollololollolollolollolololoolollololololollololololollolollolololollololololollololollololololololollololololollolololololololololololololololollololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol. this r som r33l bAd Shit man, I >3 it. i dun no hoo Th3 fUçkiing film3r is but i wanna no rofl.1

  130. MasT3r cHeEF Says:

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  131. Maria Says:

    I love you!

  132. jess Says:

    That is so not from splash the tails are different and way more, so don’t put that down, I believe in mermaids! That was probably real footage!

  133. faith Says:

    wow that is crazy man now i have the proof never remove that video i have to proof to my friends

  134. faith Says:

    and it looked soo real not like aqamarine or splash

  135. faith Says:

    and Ba just because of that does not mean its fake

  136. Catherine Says:

    It was amasing I dident now that mermaids exsit.

  137. Grace Says:

    I dindent now that mermaids exist. First time I thout that mermaimds dindent exist. But it was amaising.

  138. bristina Says:

    come on people they might and might not exsist so get over it next thing you’ll know is that theyll capture one. maybe in there dreams they will but come on people get over and stop surching for them.

  139. bristina Says:

    alright people this has gone to far you guys need to stop serching for them they do exsist but just get over it

  140. mermaid3 Says:

    mermaids do exsist i know this cause i am one ill prove it to you mermaids can go on land and water but prefer water sirens are mermaids there trying to expose us all cause people just think there fish and they want the spot light on them ND THEY KEEP THIS UP WILL ALL BE EXTINCT YOULL NEVER FIND ME BUT ILL GIVE YOU A HINT I AND MY SIISTER LIVE IN THE OCEAN IN FLORIDA.

  141. jenica Says:

    i think they dont exsist , but for some reason that looks convincing,… well all of ya are major dorks who dont have lives and need to get one ….. so persons you need get over all this stuff mermaids!!!!!!!!!

    _ not your friend Jenica :)

  142. jennifer Says:

    lololololololololololol its funny you actully belive this !!!!!!!! hahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! you guys are idots and you dont have any lives you guys need to get over it instead of surching 4 them get a date

  143. emily rossiter Says:

    you can so tell thats a fake video cause one a they dont

  144. emily rossiter Says:

    have a bikini top ppls get over it

  145. dillon mcabe Says:

    that is so hottt!!!!!!! i just want to like make out with her right now its like watching two chicks making out thats so hottt!!!!! i love you mermaid lady your so hott !! we should get together some time babe!!! why cant i be like you so we can like totally be a hot couple!!!! you know what i mean babe!! All of you just back away from my baby !!!!!!!!!!!! Shes my sugar baby making out hottness thats is why i am alive !!! because of all the chicks i make out with!!!!When should we hook up baby!!! call me at 1-928-358-9929 im 19!!! so come on baby !!!! if you loosers try to hook up with my baby i will find you!!!!!!
    LOVE YOU_ love dillon

  146. jenica Says:

    hey dillon!!! i will call you to tell you how much i hate you babe you are my ex i just want to beat the crap out you because your a little prissy slutty player and thats all you will ever be hope your happy !!! hate you !!! :) :) :) :) :) :) love jenica!!!!!

  147. maxie Says:

    i just whish i chuold see a rel mermade becus thay look so amasing in pikshers and in moovys love maxie

  148. seralia Says:

    i do believe its possible for mermaids to exist but i dont think this tape is real because if you watch it a couple times you can see her knee’s and the upper back part of her thighs plus her tail fins obviously have no muscles in them there very floppy i believe that this is just a woman in a costume . alot of the comments above me say that humans cant swim that well without two legs, but i know thats untrue wearing flippers, i can swim faster than that using that same style also two legs can fit in that she just has to be skinny…

  149. lidia2247 Says:

    hi this is so real you can so see it plus i was the camera man/girl.
    the mermaid saw me and attacked me and i broke my leg.
    so u all can just **** my ****.
    if you dont beleve me look on mermaids are you will see a picture of me and there will be extra footage of the mermaid attaking me. so haha……

  150. melony Says:

    you people are sick you dont beleve in us and you know my sister mermaid 3 aka melody.
    hay you will never find us so dont come looking plus my boyfriend is a merman and is so hot so stay away from him.
    and i a

  151. melony Says:

    i am a REAL mermaid i just swam to scotland and i now live in livingston in a house but i need a pool in the back garden and we do have gills on our necks and we only grow tails when wet and we have powers i have 3 i can boil freeze and exsplode things and we live for hundreds of years i am 173 and my mum is 338.
    plus i live at 2 silver burch glade come to my house if you dont beleve.

  152. mondo Says:

    Remember hurricane katrina, well 4 years ago me and my friends went to Galveston island to go fishing a couple of weeks after hurricane ike. Actually my friend Hector probly told this story but here is my point of the story. We went fishing and we were there for several hours and we went on sepret boats. It was me my friend munche pancho and my other friend Santos, and the other boat was Hector and Carlos. So we were there for hours fishing and Santos sees this gringa swimming. For those of you who are slow gringa means white girl. Anyways we see this girl swimming around and we’re thinking she must be scubba diving or something. Then as she swims back down me and Santos see a big blue fish tail and we both go, NAW THAT CANT BE REAL. So as we’re fishing that image stays in our heads and as we talk about it we could also not believe what we saw. I mean she was like 12 feet away from us and we tried to figure out what we had saw. Then as we are fishing minding our business we see the other boat tip over and see that same girl. She rose up from underwater and we saw everything. Then six or seven minutes later we see Hector with a black eye and I asked what happened. He said a tail hit him. So Later that night we are chilling on the boat still fishing. Then long story short minutes later me and my homies see her again this time up close and she got scared when we saw her and as she jumped out I turned back and got smacked in the head big time. That was pure power when she hit the back of my head and as we heard the splash we decided to leave. Scaryest moment ever. If that women was a mermaid I think they could be dangerous. By the pain I felt from my head and the black eye Hector has if mermaids are real leve them the fu#$k alone

  153. sassy Says:

    for everything one thing created on land there’s two in the sea

  154. kareen Says:

    these things do exist but dont allow their appearance to get your gaurd down they are not good creatures and for all the reasons for their ability too stay uncaptured they can disguise well, dont wish to be one and if your are unfortunate to meeet one pray for your help.

  155. magali Says:

    i so think mermaids existb do you cause if you do i will be your friend.

  156. magali Says:

    i am back can someone paese answer me or i will die.

  157. magali Says:

    sorry i missed some spelling cause i went to fast this is what i ment i am back can someone please answer me or i will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.plaes and then tell me if your a boy or a irl and your name plaese.

  158. jessica Says:

    hi my name is jessica do you think mermaids exist anser me plaese and then tell me if your a boy or a girl and your name sorry i am asking kind of the same question magali put put i put that cause i am her sister.

  159. evelyn Says:

    this is fake in the edges u could see tat it is not real

  160. hidi Says:

    it is just a human lady swimming

  161. nisha Says:

    yup..i’m really ;believe that mermaids is exist in this world;;;;b’cos everything is possible by god if v agree tat god have power …v also mus agree tat mermaids are real!!!!!!!!!!


  162. tia Says:

    how do you know that was real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. SHANIYA Says:

    Mermaids r reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

  164. SHANIYA Says:

    how do u no because in 1967 a passenger saw a mermamaid siting on a rock in the sun combing her long blond hair

  165. seara Says:

    i do belive in mermaids because iam one

  166. seara Says:

    i can turn anything to black and to aliqid

  167. M&M Says:

    I am a mermaid too

  168. seara Says:

    hi m&m or should i say Emily K

  169. mermaidseashell Says:

    I believe that mermaids do exist and that they have not be seen only because there are too many people searching and wanting to find.Mermaids are shy and no-one has the right to admit that they are a mermaid unless they are wanting to be found.most people who believe in mermaids should know that humans are dangerous to the sea only because humans years ago were hunting whales and made mermaids scared and frightened and we leave them wandering when humans are going to hunt them.

  170. girl Says:

    i think i once met a mermaid she did’nt spoke, she just stared at me like i’m a creature or something….but it could be a dream…..but it felt real……..and i believe in them…. her tail was white glowy! her hair was red and extremely long!! she did’nt wear a shirt or bikini top or anything…..her hands looked scary….but her face was pale….lips were pink….her eyes were blue…. ever thought what layed under the deep deep ocean?
    ever thought if atlantis exsist? think about it!

  171. Jordan Says:

    After this video i would say yes i think that mermads are real i mean nobody in this world could have legs that skinny!I mean they were problly as skinny as a piece of paper!I think after this video i have to say yes i do belive in mermaids.And i think everybody elas in this world should too.

    LOVE Jordan

  172. Jordan Says:


    Mermaids are real cause i saw 1nce we were on a boat and i saw somthing green and it looked a lot like a tail so YES OFCORSE MERMAIDS ARE RRRREEEAAALLL DDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![PROOF PROOF PROOF PROOF PROOF PROOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. lil mermaid Says:

    mermaids exist why because I am a mermaid an we can speak any diferent language.

  174. lil mermaid Says:

    I am a mermaid a real one not a fake and if you dont believe me go by the mermaid

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  178. MbAT Says:

    If mermaids were real, they wouldn’t be the beautiful half human/half fish creatures we think them as. They would have to have a huge layer of fat to keep them warm in ice cold ocean water first of all and I mean how ugly would a human look if they stayed in the water all the time. So this skinny figure swimming up to the surface is probably just a professional swimmer in a mermaid costume. Those do exist. Sorry to burst bubbles.

  179. happy Says:

    that was pretty cool but it kind of looked fake so i wonder if that was true but that was awesome

  180. happy Says:

    is it have sexual intercorse..with a mermaid….

  181. mermaid dicoverer Says:

    I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE THE FISH ARE THE MERMAIDS!!! THATS WHY THE FISH WERENT EVEN FREAKED OUT WHEN THAT MERMAID UHHHHHHHHH……………………… NOT EXACTLY THAT COUD HAVE BEEN A MERMAID….. NEVERMIND THE MERMAID MAY HAVE A SPELL THAT TURN THEM INTO FISH!!!!!!! ahem wait that the part of the where we all saw the “rock” actually they may have been mermaids but i think those rocks ook like human strange im going to research this video more………

  182. lol Says:

    They R real! See the movement of the tail? Here in our country says that Dwarfs exist… or elves..So that means mermaids exist! and I saw another video of this and when the mermaid is
    swimming it has no heels( You know the one in our feet)So I believe this is real….

  183. Taye Says:

    in this video I think MERMAIDS Exist a lot

  184. Taye Says:

    in this video I think MERMAIDS Exist a lot and my sister thinks so to

  185. julie Says:

    Yes. i belive in mermaids the ocean is huge and we dont know whats in there. many people do and dont believe in mermaids and thats their chose. that footage looks very real to me because the fish werent even scared of her and it looked like she was just passing through. maybe someday someone will discover mermaids or they wont but whatever you believe in maybe it will become true. so those people who believe in mermaids thats awesome and i am with you. Also, nothing is impossible like that man that discovered the gaint squid he never gave up and look he had finally found what he believed in so its your chose that clip looks really real. so thanks so much for reading my comment.

  186. hannah Says:

    wow so oviase it is fake

  187. hannah Says:

    well i do belive mermaids but it was FAKE!

  188. hannah Says:


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  190. alissa & savannah Says:

    alissa & savannah say some exist and some dont

  191. alissa & savannah Says:

    p.s hannah you are not a mermaid bitch

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